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Blue Raven Solar is Giving Away a Solar System for a Utah Home

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Blue Raven Solar is Giving Away a Solar System for a Utah Home

By Holly Glem | September 18, 2017

The last few months at the office we all began to feel that it was time to do something in our community. We have experienced so much success in the few short years we have been in business, we decided it was time to open up a volunteer program for the company, Blue Raven Solar Helping Hands.

For our first project, we threw around a handful of options, and many worthy organizations were named… but as we searched for the right project, it quickly became clear that the best thing for us to do to kick off our Blue Raven Solar Helping Hands program is to give away something that we are experts in, something we care a lot about, something we do best and that can really benefit a member of our community... SOLAR!

We work in an industry that is doing wonderful things for the world, communities, and individuals. It is easy to see the positive impact of solar in overall going green efforts. There are so many things we can say about the sustainability, but we’ll just say that every home that goes solar is like planting 4,000 trees, or saving 4 million gallons of water for electricity production!

If you zoom in with your lens a little closer, to our home state of Utah along the Wasatch Front, you’ll see that we have a huge problem: air pollution + inversion that gives us one of the poorest air qualities in the country during our winter months.

Zoom in one more notch and you have the opportunity to see what solar can do for the individual, helping them save money on their monthly power bill. There are so many reasons to go solar, but the cost savings to the individual can be the biggest benefit. 

Because of this, finding a home to give solar power to is a no-brainer. Solar impacts the world, it impacts the local community, but it also critically impacts each individual choosing to go solar. We have an opportunity to help someone in need.

We have had tremendous success over the last few years, and that is in large part thanks to our Utah community. We have this opportunity to involve our employees in giving back to our local community, to work together as a team, and to help each learn more about the solar process, to be involved in those pieces that we are not normally a part of.

So spread the word, Blue Raven is giving away solar to a family or individual here in Utah that could use it! We are looking for an individual or family that has put their time and effort into making the community a better place, or someone in needs that has been handed some difficult situations and could use a lift from the financial burden of their power bill each month.

We are accepting nominations from September 18- October 18th. Head over to our giveaway page to review additional information regarding the giveaway and to submit your nomination.

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