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What Happens to Solar Energy Production in Bad Weather?

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What Happens to Solar Energy Production in Bad Weather?

By Holly Glem | November 02, 2017

Despite solar energy becoming more commonplace in American homes today, many people still believe the solar myth that solar panels only work in parts of the country where the weather is sunny and agreeable year-round.

But solar is more adaptable than you think when it comes to production in various weather. Solar can serve you year-round regardless of in what part of the country you live.

Here are some answers to common questions about how the weather affects your solar production.

Will My Solar Produce on a Cloudy Day?

When you are new to or debating purchasing solar power as an alternative source of energy, one of the first questions is often whether or not the system will work on cloudy days. And the simple answer is yes, it will.

Just like you can get sunburned when going outdoors during cloudy weather, your solar panel system will still collect energy from the sun's rays even if the skies are cloudy and overcast.

At Blue Raven Solar, we take into account the typical weather for your area when designing a system proposal for your home. We estimate the system's productivity and create a solar power plan that will optimize maximum efficiency and solar power output based on what the weather is like most of the time where you live. Years of historical data are used to model what the system will do in your specific location.

What If Hail Damages My Solar Panels?

Some states experience hail that may leave you worried about damage to your panels. It is true that the weather can be unkind to your panels, and can cause damage. Keep in mind most panel companies do extensive testing on the effects of weather like hail and have found it takes extreme weather to cause a malfunction or harm the panels.

For the most part solar panel systems are built to endure all types of weather, even the stormiest and windiest of conditions. It is likely that your system will be able to endure thunderstorms, wind storms, hailstorms, and heavy snow without showing any signs of damage at all.

Still, for your own peace of mind, Blue Raven Solar uses panels that come with a manufacturer's warranty. This warranty can help if panels are not working correctly.

Many homeowners also choose to protect their systems by adding them to their homeowners' insurance policies. This insurance can help cover most or all of the costs of repairing, replacing, or upgrading panels that have been damaged by stormy weather or “Acts of God”.

If the solar system was damaged there is a good chance your roof was, too. The combination of the warranty from Blue Raven Solar and your own homeowners' insurance policy can give you the peace of mind you need as a homeowner that your system will be protected regardless of the weather. 

What if Snow and Ice Build up on My System over the Winter?

Snow and ice can present a challenge to people with solar. What happens when snow and ice build up on your panels?

Fortunately, if you choose our black on black solar panels they are designed to warm with the sun's exposure, helping melt any snow and ice that may have built up on them. Once the sunlight hits the panels, the snow and ice may just slide off or melt away quickly.

The panels are also very slick, allowing ice and snow to slide off even if the panels are not fully warmed. These elements may never have the chance to accumulate because of their slick surfaces.

If snow does accumulate, waiting for the sun to melt the snow enough to clear the panels is the best option.

With proper care and attention, your solar panel system can last virtually for decades. It will remain functional and offer you savings on your utilities even if it is cloudy outside or the weather is snowy, rainy, and icy.

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