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Solar Power Myths Debunked

By Blue Raven Solar | February 16, 2016

5 Common Solar Power Myths

Residential solar energy has grown immensely during the last decade. More than ever, homeowners across the United States are considering alternative ways to save money on their energy bill and employ a cleaner energy source. However, there are still many myths floating around that prevent people from making the switch from grid electricity to solar power.

Whether you are fluent in solar energy or completely new to the concept, it’s important to have all the facts when considering the switch from utility to solar. Here is a list of the top 5 solar energy myths that are alive and strong today, but are - in all actuality - just not true.   


#1: Solar Energy is Never $0 Down


Actually, it can be. As the demand increases for solar energy, the investment requirements evolve to accommodate a wider audience. A trending practice among solar companies is to offer complete installation with "$0 down" financing. Similar to mortgage lending and auto sales, homeowners have to qualify for this promotion with their credit score and history.

Contrary to popular belief, this financing option is legitimate and an extraordinary opportunity to own your own solar systems. 


#2: Solar is Only for New Roofs


No, a new roof is not mandatory. Solar panel installation requires specific roof characteristics (materials, sun exposure, etc.,) but it's likely your roof meets these specifications as is. If your roof is aged or damaged, however, it may be necessary to restore your roof prior to installation, but in most cases solar panels can be installed without any additional remodeling or labor. 

Side note: if your roof needs repair anytime following solar panel installation, the panels can be removed and reinstalled.


#3: Solar Energy Can Only Effectively be Harnessed in Sunny Locations


Though opportunities for switching to solar power are largely determined at the state level (i.e. utility agreements,) utilizing solar power is not limited to residents of states with sunshine reputations. In fact, solar energy can be harnessed in a variety of conditions including snow, rain and cloud coverage. Germany, one of the first to exploit solar power, produces double the amount of solar energy produced in the US and Canada with significantly less sunlight.

Still not convinced? Consider this: the earth receives more energy from the sun in one hour than the entire world uses in one year.



You Won't Save a Substantial Amount


Well, define 'substantial'.

Homeowners can save as much as $40,000 over a 25-year mortgage by investing their monthly utility bill into energy equity. Furthermore, a recent study suggests a solar system increases the value of a home by as much as $15,000. And then there's the federal tax credit, which varies among homeowners, but offers a potential dollar-for-dollar reduction in income tax liability.

And we consider that substantial. 



#5: Solar Energy is a Passing Trend


Nothing could be further from the truth. The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy reports that US installations have grown seventeen-fold since 2008, and have experienced an average annual growth rate of 59%. Solar energy shows no signs of slowing down, and - on the contrary - is expected to increase dramatically over the next 5-10 years. This is largely fueled by opportunity - solar energy is more accessible and affordable than ever before. And with federal support, like the Federal Energy Tax Credit, solar power will 1) continue to grow in popularity, and 2) ultimately become the main source of residential energy.

The reliance on solar power is at a tipping point. Our kids and grandkids will be shocked that we grew up in a world that didn't harness the energy of the sun to power everyday life. As one of the country's leading solar providers, Blue Raven Solar exists to usher in this change - to offer our customers affordable, clean, sustainable energy for their homes and for their families. 







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